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Barbury 2008 Mystery solved

    I recommend to first read Seven, Nine, Ten and Pi, before reading this Article.
  On 1 June 2008 a remarkable crop circle was discovered at the foot of Barbury Castle. The formation immediately struck me on different levels. On a conscious level I was overwhelmed by its beauty, and I recognised importance on a subconscious level. I felt that there was lots to be discovered, which turned out to be true. Many intriguing facets were exposed and explained, but one element remained a mystery. The formation contained three little circles and nobody had any idea what they meant.
That is, until now! Read on and discover the secret of the three circles.

The most obvious, and therefore first discovered, facet was the presents of the number pi (π).
Read my article ‘Seven, Nine, Ten and Pi’ to find out how pi was encoded in the crop circle. I quickly noticed that the skeleton of the formation was based on 7 circles stacked on top of each other. Because of this, the formation was also hiding squaring the circle. Why this is so, you can read in the appendix of the mentioned article. Although squaring the circle can never be constructed (using compass and straightedge) with 100% precision, in this case the accuracy was 99,96 %, which is mind blowing!

These two facets by themselves – pi and squaring the circle – would have made this crop circle already a candidate for the ‘hall of fame’. But there was more.

A public bridleway was crossing through the field and through the formation. This public pathway was exactly indicating where 'squaring the circle' was hidden in the formation. Wow!
In my article ‘Seven, Nine, Ten and Pi’ I wrote:
I am sure the crop circle is indicating that there is a path we humans have to take.
That was a nice observation, although I had no clear idea what this path was looking like. Not until now.

Lets move on to the three circles that intrigued me so much, and with me so many others.

The diagrams below show the three circles, stretched out in a line, with their perimeters just touching.
I spend days and weeks studying these circles, but I could not come up with a satisfying explanation for them.

Then, years later, in 2010, I am analyzing a formation that appeared back in 1996, on 2 August 1996 to be precise. In those years every crop circle got a name and this one was called ‘Sun and Moon’. My analyses in 2010 resulted in my article ‘Squaring the Sun and the Moon’. During my analyses and writing of the article, I suddenly realised the profound meaning of the three little circles of the 2008 Barbury Castle formation.

Lets start with perfect squaring the circle. Although ‘squaring the circle’ cannot be constructed with just compasses and straightedge, it is possible to create it with the aid of a CAD program. See diagram above on the left. Next we add two circles as shown in the diagram above in the middle. The red arrows indicate the centres of these circles. The same goes for the following diagrams.
The diagram above on the right shows how another two circles are added.

And a third pair of circles. See diagram above on the left. Finally a small circle is added as shown in the diagram above in the middle. We now have three circles in a line that define (represent) 100% accurate squaring the circle.

We have arrived at the three circles of the 2008 Barbury Castle formation. Incredible. What does this mean?
It means that the 2008 Barbury Castle formation had 100% accurate squaring the circle encoded in it. The three circles, that formed part of the formation, were representing 100% accurate squaring the circle!

Lets put it all together.
  1. The 2008 Barbury Castle formation was containing pi.
  2. Squaring the circle was present with a stunning 99,96% accuracy, but not perfect.
  3. A public pathway, indicating where this squaring the circle was hiding, seemed to tell us that we have to follow a certain path.
  4. And now it turns out that there was also 100% perfect squaring the circle encoded in the formation.
What makes this all so enormously fascinating?
As mentioned, it is impossible to construct 100% accurate squaring the circle just using compasses and straightedge. The reason for this is ... the number pi!!!
Pi (π) is an irrational number, meaning that it cannot be written as the ratio of two integers. Pi is also a transcendental number. An important consequence of the transcendence of pi is the fact that it is not constructible! We have reached a very intriguing situation.
  1. The presence of constructible, imperfect, but 99,96% accurate ‘squaring the circle’.
  2. The presence of non-constructible 100% accurate ‘squaring the circle’.
  3. The presence of the number pi (the reason why 100% accurate ‘squaring the circle’ is not constructible)
  4. And the presence of a public pathway going through the formation and indicating where the imperfect ‘squaring the circle’ is located.
This list really makes me shiver. It tells a story by itself. It is like a guideline. A manual, and it reads like:
Follow the pathway! Start with the imperfect ‘squaring the circle’ which you are able to construct. Go from there to construct perfect ‘squaring the circle’. You think this is impossible, but that is incorrect. It looks to be impossible, because of pi. But once you understand pi, and I mean really comprehend pi on all possible levels, you will understand the true meaning and potentiality of perfect ‘squaring the circle’!

The 2008 Barbury Castle formation is telling us something very clearly. Actually, it is shouting at us.
"Once you have mastered pi, you have mastered the secret of life!"

Travel in 2020 together with me to mystical England to look for the secret!

© Bert Janssen, 2011.