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Seven, Nine, Ten and Pi

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The crop circle that came down near Barbury Castle on Sunday 1 June 2008 (first Sunday of June) is one of those that touched me deeply on many different levels. It has so many layers of information hidden inside. Like the crop circle that appeared on the first Sunday of June 2007, in a way exactly one year earlier.
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The 2008 Babrury Castle formation is based on seven, nine, ten and Pi in a very intriguing way!


There are many ways you can look at crop circles. I mainly looked at the geometry of the June 2008 Barbury Castle formation and let me share with you some of my amazing findings. At first glance it looks like the formation is based on 10-fold geometry. The different elements in the crop circle, the little pathways perpendicular to the concentric rings, are equally spaced with 36 degree angles. Ten times 36 degrees equals 360 degrees, a full circle.


To my amazement I found that the core of the formation is not based on ten, but on seven (7). The diagram on the left shows seven little circles stacked on top of each other and encompassed by a bigger circle, forming the skeleton of the formation. If we take this concept as a starting point, we can now define the centre of the crop circle and its outer perimeter as shown in the diagram on the right.


Between this outer perimeter and the central circle, we can draw ten (10!) concentric rings. There is the number 10 again. Five rings going through the points where the little circles touch and five rings going through the centres of the little circles.


Because of the way it is constructed, the formation is also hiding (again) squaring the circle. Why this is so, you can read in the Appendix of this article. Although squaring the circle can never be constructed with 100% precision, in this case the accuracy is 99,96 %, which is mind blowing. Strangely enough, squaring the circle cannot be found in nature. It is very artificial and it looks to come from other realms.


Looking at the crop circle I cannot stop seeing a pathway spiralling from inside out in ten steps.
And now count the length of the steps. It is 3 1 4 1 5 9 2 6 5 4, which is Pi (3.141592654...). Go to the Appendix to see the relevance of this. It is all pointing in the direction of Squaring the Circle!



So the crop circle has a skeleton based on the number 7, shows 10-fold geometry and hides squaring the circle. Those facts instantaneously ring bells for me. They draw my attention immediately to the Gnostic believe system. The Gnostics believe that the totality is based on ten realms, but two of them are not from here. Those two, the Pleroma, is where Source is, the Aeons and Sophia. Then there is one realm, the veil, where Jaldabaoth resides. Jaldabaoth, also called the Demiurg, created seven realms (seven Heavens), one of them existing of matter, our Universe. Seven Heavens (including our Universe) in a total of Ten realms.

That makes a total of ten realms of existence. Within that the Demiurg who resides in realm eight and who created seven Heavens. And also the Pleroma with Sophia in realm nine and Source itself in realm ten.
Do realise that the Gnostics believe that the Pleroma, (realm nine and ten), is not from here, not from the spaces and places we know. Just like 'squaring the circle'.

The Gnostics also believed (and believe) that they were/are trapped in the Seven realms created by Jaldabaoth and that the objective is to return the Devine Light to Sophia who resides (in the ninth realm) in the Pleroma, in the realms beyond Jaldabaoth. From there Source will absorb them into the tenth realm.
It was and is their life purpose and their life path.


There is even a public pathway crossing through the formation, as if to help us to see the bigger picture. Not only that. The public pathway is exactly indicating where 'squaring the circle' is hidden in the formation. Wow!

I am sure the crop circle is indicating that there is a path we humans have to take.

As I have already shown in other articles (click here), the presence of squaring the circle means automatically also the presence of the Great Pyramid. See diagram on the left. The Great Pyramid is (beside crop circles) one of the few places where you can find squaring the circle. When we now superimpose the Great Pyramid on top of the crop circle in such a way that the central circle is just touching the base of the Pyramid, we see something amazing appear. Look at the diagram on the right.


First of all the Queen’s Chamber is now exactly in the centre of the crop circle. It is all about the Queen, all about the Goddess, all about Sophia. From the centre we go up to the King’s Chamber. We do not go into the chamber. Instead we go down the Grand Gallery all the way to the Subterranean Chamber. From this place it is said that you can travel through the dimensions. From here we go up again, on our way to the fourth realm, fifth, etc. Until we break through the eight realm and get to nine. It is this ninth realm where we stumble on ‘squaring the circle’, the realm of Sophia. The last step, into the capstone, we cannot do ourselves because of a lack of duality. There is no difference between here and there. Source has to absorb us into realm ten.


I realise one can look at the 2008 Barbury Castle crop circle in many, many different ways, but I am convinced that in the end we will all go where the Goddess is, where Sophia is and for me this crop circle indicates the path we have to take. Truly amazing.

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© Bert Janssen, 2008.

We stacked seven circles on top of each other to find the outer perimeter of the crop circle. Subsequently ten concentric rings were constructed, five of which go through the centres of the stacked circles.

The square that fits around the ring that goes through little circle number six, is squaring the circle (outer perimeter of the formation) with an accuracy of 99,96%. Let me explain.
Lets assume that the radius of the total formation equals one (1). That means that the circumference of that circle is (the radius multiplied by two) multiplied by pi. In other words (or numbers), the circumference is 1 x 2 x π. Equals 2 x π.
Now lets have a look at the square. The total radius of the circle equals 7 little circles equals 1. So one little circle is 1/7. And five and a half little circle (the centre of the sixth circle) equals 5.5/7. One side of the square equals two of those distances and that is 11/7. That makes the perimeter of the square 4 x 11/7 or 2 x 22/7.
If this would have been a perfect ‘squaring the circle’ the perimeter of the square would have been equal to the circumference of the circle. That means that 2 x 22/7 should be equal to 2 x π.
This is nearly the case. The precision is a staggering 99,96 %. You can check this yourself by taking a calculator and calculate 22/7 and compare the outcome with π (pi).