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Squaring the Mayas - part 1

  So many people have employed their thinking and intuitive powers to crack the enigma of the Maya calendar. What to make of this calendar and the year 2012? On 21 December 2012 the 13th baktun ends. What will happen then? The variation in suggestions is overwhelming. Some people have tried to find answers in the crop circles. I was not so much interested in all of this, until I discovered an amazing 'coincidence'.

It started with me studying the foundation of the Maya calendar. To understand this foundation, you have to know that the Earth axis is tilted under an angle of 23,439 degrees. This causes the seasons to happen while the Earth is revolting round the sun.

For our perception the sun travels during a year from the equator (21 March) to the north to the tropic of cancer (21 June). From there south again, passing the equator (21 September), to the tropic of Capricorn (21 December) and back north to the equator to complete a year (21 March).

With other words: Starting with the Spring-equinox (21 March) to the Summer-solstice (21 June) to the Autumn-equinox (21 September) to the Winter-solstice (21 December) back to the Spring-equinox. All places between the tropics will see the sun straight overhead twice a year.

And now it comes. Izapa, the foundation place of the Maya calendar, is located at a latitude of 14,99 degrees. So it will see the sun overhead twice during a year. First at 1 May and later in the year on 12 August. This fact of life contains a unique feature. Between 1 May and 12 August are 105 days and between 12 August (going further in time) and 1 May are 260 days. It is these 260 days, the number 260 (13 times 20), that forms the foundation of the Maya calendar. The diagram below shows the different latitude lines. The relative positions of these lines are 100% correct.

It is these positions of the latitude lines that are 'hiding' a mind blowing secret. To fully understand this secret, we have to go back to 8 May 2008, when a crop circle was found near Avebury, Wiltshire, UK.
See: Squaring Yin Yang
As you can read in the article, Yin Yang has Squaring the Circle as companion. See diagram below on the left.


Please, study the diagram very carefully (go if necessary back to the article 2008 - Squaring Yin Yang), to know where every line comes from and stands for. Now look at the diagram at the right. First notice how two horizontal lines are added. These lines both touch the central 'twin-circles' of Yin Yang. A third line is added. This line starts in the centre and goes through the intersection point of the 'big arc' and the blue square. It ends at the red circle. So both the square and the circle of Squaring the Circle are used to find this third line!


From where this added line touches the red circle, an horizontal line can be drawn. See diagram above on the left. As described earlier, this additional horizontal line is fully connected and based on to Squaring the Circle.
Now we are looking at an amazing 'coincidence'. The horizontal lines in the diagram on the left are at exact the same position as the lines in the diagram above on the right, which represent the latitudes of the different elements on which the Mayan Calendar is based. In other words. The foundation of the Mayan Calendar is, through the latitudes of its different elements, rooted in Squaring the Circle! Is this a fluke? No!
The above has an accuracy of 98%. There is a second encoding with a stunning 99,96% accuracy!
Read on with Squaring the Mayas - part 2 and be in for a shock!
Bert Janssen, 2010.