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The last Secret of Silbury Hill

    I recommend to first read The last Secret of Stonehenge, before reading this Article.
  Silbury Hill is a very powerful, enigmatic hill that forms the hub around which magical places like Avebury, the Sanctuary and the Long Barrow of West Kennet have concentrated themselves. Silbury Hill is the tallest prehistoric human-made mound in Europe. Nearly five thousand years old, studied for centuries and still no one knows why the hill was raised. The wildest theories go around. One legend has it that King Sil sitting on a golden horse is buried in the hill. Sil buried - Silbury. However, there is no one who really knows what the hill's function is, but that could change now.

My discovery of 'Squaring the Circle' at Stonehenge (see The last Secret of Stonehenge) has triggered an avalanche of new insights for me. The Great Pyramid of Giza became fully visible in my mind's eye, and with that I could see the fascinating connection it has with Silbury Hill (see Silbury Hill and the Great Pyramid).

Silbury Hiil. The enigmatic hill that holds Avebury, the Sanctuary and the Long Barrow together.

Standing on Silbury Hill you have a clear and unobscured view to all directions. Every sunrise and sunset can be observed from Silbury Hill unobstructed. It was this realization that I, after my Stonehenge discovery, was in for a new shock. Silbury Hill is situated only 20 miles north of Stonehenge. The sunrises and sunsets at Silbury Hill differ only slightly from those at Stonehenge. This means that during the summer solstice the phenomenon of 'squaring the circle' will also happen at Silbury Hill. Not 100% accurate, but very near. And now the shock comes. During the winter solstice the same happens! Unbelievable. And ... the squaring the circle that occurs at Silbury Hill during the winter solstice is 100% accurate. Take your time for it to sink in. I had to do the same.
Silbury Hill and the solstices squaring the circle

Both during the summer solstice and during the winter solstice squaring the circle is created on Silbury Hill, or identified, or constructed, just depending on how you look at it.
Can it be that this is the function of Silbury Hill? Of Sol Bury Hill. Of the sun buried hill. That is of course what is happening. The sun gets born and the sun gets buried. During the summer solstice at the most northern points, and during the winter solstice at the most southern points.

I was still processing these dramatic discoveries, when a third shock struck me. About one and a half years earlier I was studying once again the by now legendary Mayan calendar, when I became aware of an intriguing facet of the calendar that had remained unnoticed until then. What I had stumbled on was almost as shocking as the discoveries I recently had made at Stonehenge and Silbury Hill. The foundation of the Mayan calendar is both geographically as well as numerically based on ... 'Squaring the Circle'! Click here

Mayan calendar and squaring the circle

  Mayan calendar, Silbury Hill and squaring the circle

The core of the Mayan calendar consists of 13 periods of 20 days, which yields a block of 260 days. A solar year consists of 365 days, or 260 days plus 105 days. Now I want you to draw a circle and divide it in 365 equal segments distributed over a block of 260 segments and a block of 105 segments. By doing so, you have constructed 'squaring the circle' with an accuracy of 99.96%. You can also work the other way around. Start with a year and lay it out in a circle. Now take a square with a perimeter identical to the circle's circumference and superimpose this square on the circle (squaring the circle). You now have divided the year into a 105 day block and a 260 day block. You have constructed the foundation of the Mayan calendar. Wow!

Once spirit (circle) has been made equal to matter (square), or with other words the circle has been squared or 'squaring the circle' and vice versa, the foundation of the Mayan calendar has been constructed. Again, take some time to let this sink in. Now it comes. The Mayan calendar, which as you have seen is based on 'squaring the circle', ends on 21 December 2012. Exactly during the winter solstice. Exactly on the moment when 'squaring the circle' is created on Silbury Hill. While the calendar ends, a door is opened at Silbury Hill.
Sunset at Silbury Hill. Wiltshire is on fire!

It seems everything is coming together at the same time in Wiltshire. Is this why Avebury, the Sanctuary, the Long Barrow of West Kennet are currently becoming so active? It looks like the ancient dormant magical places are being shaken awake. They seem to be on fire. And then the crop circles. They have always been there, but it is precisely at this juncture that they suddenly appear in great numbers. The year 2012 is approaching and the transition is in full swing. The window is wide open. The dragons are waking up. Heaven and Earth are touching each other more and more in Wiltshire. The time has come for interaction.
It is time for an Expedition. Travel together with me 7 magical days through the south of England. Seven days along the Dragon paths, stepping in the footprints of King Arthur, questing for our own personal Holy Grail.
More info: Magical and Mystical Tour to England 2020.

Again I have to ask the questions. Where does it go from here? Where does it all end?

Bert Janssen, 2011.