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StC - Long Barrow - Silbury Hill - Avbury

  I have written numerous articles on ‘squaring the circle’ and I have written a couple of articles on the geometry that can be found in the Wiltshire landscape. This article focuses on ‘squaring the circle’ in the landscape, connecting the West Kennet Long Barrow (one of the longest barrows in Britain and it is estimated that 15,700 man-hours were expended in its construction), Silbury Hill (at 39.3 metres high, it is the tallest prehistoric man-made mound in Europe) and Avebury (contructed some 5000 years ago over a period of several hundred years, it contains the largest stone circle in Europe). It will show the presence of an intriguing geometry that is present in an already amazing landscape.

This article asks for an open mind...

Let’s start with constructing some diagrams using 'squaring the circle' (StC) based on surface areas, meaning that the surface area of the constructed circle below on the left is identical to the surface area of the square. The little orange circle on the bottom is used to find a second orange circle. See middle diagram. The red arrow indicates its centre. This second orange circle is used to find a third orange circle. See diagram on the right. The red arrow again indicates the centre of this circle. All straightforward geometry.

Let’s now have a look at the landscape surrounding Avebury. When a line is drawn from the West Kennet Long Barrow to Avebury and beyond, a very interesting landscape feature becomes apparent.
It starts with the field directly north of the Long Barrow, which is laid out in the identical general direction. North of Avebury many fields are lining up with the line. The first part is even accentuated by a road. At Winterbourne Basset the landscape suddenly drastically changes. See diagrams below.

Look for yourself:

If we take the point where the landscape changes as the centre of a circle that goes through the West Kennet Long Barrow, we get the following ...(see diagram below on the left). We can use the red circle to construct a square with the identical surface area as the circle (= squaring the circle). Right diagram below.
Click on image for a larger version Click on image for a larger version

If we look at a detailed view (white box) we see 1. Avebury, 2. Silbury Hill and 3. West Kennet Long Barrow. Notice how the square goes exactly through Silbury Hill!

When we now add the same three orange circles as can be seen in the first three diagrams at the start of this article, we get the following.
Looking at a detail diagram (white box) we can see how the centre of the second largest circle exactly coincides with Avebury!

All this can be a fluke, but looking at the other geometries in the same landscape ...

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... I have to come to the conclusion that coincidence can be excluded. I am not sure if the people who build the Long Barrow, Silbury Hill and Avebury were consciously aware of the geometries they were constructing, but they were for sure aware of it on a subconscious level. Which makes it even more exciting. Travel with me to England and discover for yourself the many intriguing aspects of the amazing Wiltshire landscape.

© Bert Janssen, 2017.

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